Always in motion is the future.

whoa who is this attractive man and where can I get one

That’s Yoda


trigger words.





My mum just referred to Steve Rogers as Mr. America


*applause for perfect use of gif*

ah yes, captain mr. america

x Lesser mortals have their own fate, but there’s one thing I know above all;

That some day, if I die my death, I will see that great drinking hall. x


When called, they each came for different reasons.

A message from Anonymous
If you're a Christian you really shouldnt be using vulgar language, there's no need for profanity :/

Excuse my language, and I shouldn’t. I am sick to death of what is going on in my country, and sometimes I vent. Again, I apologize.

A message from Anonymous
In that post you reblogged, I agree that God isn't a vending machine, but you should know that God does want you to be healthy and blessed, for His purpose. If God wants to do missions work in a third world country, you'll need to be healthy and have the means to do so. And also God may want to bless you just because he loves you <3

Not necessarily, though. The problem I have is with everything being about YOU, and what God can do for YOU, not what YOU can do for God. I’ve been sick and have had major health issues for a while, but God can use someone, whether they’re sick or healthy, for His glory. If it means I can be a better servant for Jesus if I’m sick, then so be it. I’ve been more convicted through my illnesses, personally. Of course God loves us and always wants the best for us, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to like the way He makes that happen. I’ve struggled with being sick and missing opportunities, but looking back, I’ve seen that God’s timing was better for me, and worse things would’ve happened if I hadn’t been sick then. 

What I’m trying to say is, it’s about HIM, about Jesus. :) It’s not about US, and what we want. 


Obligatory half naked Dick for Maxie.

I need to see this just for Nightwing, honestly. 


>common core
>over complicating simple things
>being misleading and sneaking in your politics
>wondering why american education is shit

Common Core also has data mining

Schools have already added Iris scanners for students to use, and also tracking ID cards students have to keep on them. As well as knowing what your religion is, what political views you have, are you gay and other very personal irrelevant information and other intrusive questions. It also inserts political views and ideologies into test and assignment questions and word problems. Global warming, presidential executives orders, rewording and changing the meaning to things like amendments in the constitution. It leaves the bureaucrats in Washington and the federal government in total control to dictate how what gets taught in schools on an unproven experimental program that comes with a hefty price tag for its uniform standard cookie cutter one size fits all approach to education, killing teacher flexibility and specialized education for individual students. Because common core is for primary school, once you enter high school, the learning curve will be steeper than it ever was before when you have to forgot common core, and do things the old way that is still used in high school, that you would have learned in primary school to begin with before common cores creation.

Initially common core was touted as being this super effective form of teaching that proved highly successful over seas, but they had to recant those claims when people here began to review it and research the claims. Then the federal government said they would not give federal funding to states that did not accept common core, forcing them to accept it if they wanted funding.

If you do not know why one of the pics is considered bad, let me know and I will explain.

I know mothers who are pulling their kids out of school right and left and looking for ways to home-school them because of ^THIS BULL. 

Pardon my French.

But this is bull.